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Communication class

Professional Communication class (first year: 3.5 hours a week / second year: 2 hours a week)
The syllabus covers three topics: written communication (external and internal documents), oral communication (face-to-face, by telephone, greeting customers, conflict resolution) and corporate image (press communication; develop the external image of the business).

The students will be assessed through three exams : a one-hour practical exam, based on digital written communication tasks which have previously been completed during professional workshops; a role play test, assessing oral communication, and based on a situation experienced or observed during the first year work placement; and a four-hour written paper, based on a case study. At least one of the questions on this paper will assess the candidate’s written communication skills and their knowledge regarding corporate image.

Business Planning and Organisation class (3 hours a week in year 1)
The syllabus is divided into three sections: planning and time management (diaries, schedules, checklists, PERT method, Gantt charts, etc) ; administrative planning (event planning, journey organization, improving administration) ; collaborative working (network and document sharing, managing emails, etc)

The final assessment for this module consists of two separate exams: a 30-minute oral presentation and a four-hour written exam. The oral presentation is based on a specific project carried out during the second-year internship, with a particular focus on planning and organisational skills, whilst the written exam takes the form of a case study paper. One of the tasks on this paper will require candidates to employ their planning and/or organisational